The 5 Best Venues for Myrtle Beach Weddings

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Planning for your special day can be very stressful. Putting the budget aside, you will have to carefully choose which wedding venue suits your wedding perfectly. There are tons of wonderful places to hold your wedding, and one of them are found in Myrtle Beach.
Myrtle Beach is home to some of the finest Myrtle Beach wedding venues you could ever find. It features a range of breathtaking locations and picturesque landscapes which will surely make your wedding dreams come true. If you’re looking for a perfect spot to tie the knot, then you might want to consider these 5 best venues for weddings in Myrtle Beach.

1. Pine Lakes Country Club

Likewise known as “The Granddaddy”, this wonderful venue offers marvelous setting for weddings in Myrtle Beach on the Grand Strand. Its perfectly manicured lawn is an ideal spot for ceremonies, and the reception ballrooms come with beautiful fireplaces and chandeliers. You can also find an almost limitless option for foods and beverages which include ice sculptures or even champagne fountains depending on your preferences.

2. Brookgreen Gardens


Situated just 10 minutes south of Myrtle Beach in the Murrels Inlet, Brookgreen Gardens could probably be the most beautiful garden wedding venue. Founded in 1931, the garden features awe-inspiring landscapes and truly magnificent sculptures for you to feast your eyes on. Their staff will even help you come up with a lovely wedding setting for your most awaited day!

Holding a wedding reception at Brookgreen Gardens will require you to purchase a membership. However, you can expect it to be really worth it.

3. Kingston Plantation

Myrtle Beach’s Kingston Plantation allows you to have a wedding setting situated near sparkling white beaches. You can choose from a plethora of options to cater your guests, whether it be up to a few hundred. Some of the accommodations offered include extravagant villas, oceanfront condos, and luxurious rooms near creaks and grooves of trees.

4. Dunes Golf and Beach Club

Showcasing an ocean overlook which is truly a marvel, the Dunes Golf and Beach Club surely won’t leave you disappointed. Its location offers you with that beach feeling paired with a country club setting. The ballroom can house up to 500 guests, and there are even smaller rooms for more intimate celebrations. With the availability of perfect lighting, centerpieces, music, and more, you can definitely enjoy and cherish the wedding you’ve so longed for your entire life.

5. Wildberry Farm

Location in Rains, on the outskirts of the historic Marion, Wildberry Farm features an ideal setting which you could choose for your wedding. The Barn boasts 9,300 square feet of space which is reserved for main events. If you’re looking for a perfect country feel which offers an elegant style for your wedding, then this is definitely for you.

The Ceremony Pond is ideal for cocktails as well as wedding ceremonies. The Loft is included to cater all of your wedding party needs. And lastly, there’s The Historic Pack House and Tobacco Barn serving as excellent backdrops for your wedding photography sessions.

There are several other venues for Myrtle Beach weddings which you can find. However, the ones mentioned above can surely provide you with the best value for your money without compromising your wedding experience


Ensure That Your Cheap Land for Sale In Texas Sells!

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Making an investment in real estate is a great way of expanding your bank account, but for you to achieve that, you’ve to find the cheap land for sale. Land isn’t a depreciable investment, so a decision to invest in some will never disappoint you. But there is more to it than simply buying the first inexpensive land for sale in Texas by the owner you find. It is advisable to know some things first, before making a decision that the said piece of land is worth the money.


First and foremost is always the location of the land. It’s quite overwhelming to find an affordable land in an urban area that is very much developed. But this doesn’t mean that you go for land that is located on a very remote area, without so much as good access roads or busy economic activities. It’s all about spending your precious time and finding the right listing with cheap land for sale that is conveniently located.

At the very least, ensure that the land you’re interested in is in a location that’s likely to develop. Again, consider the geography and the climatic conditions of that area. If it gets too cold or hot in some seasons, it might not be a worthy purchase, more so if you plan on erecting rental apartments on the land. Even if your intentions are to set up your home, that area isn’t recommended at all. Green areas have always been the popular choice of buyers. Such places ensure the buyer that there will be consistent supply of fresh air, water and recreational activities throughout.

You may want to purchase land for the purpose of reselling it at a higher price. In this case, profitability of the said land is the major factor to take into consideration. While land is hardly or never known to depreciate, it can take time before it amounts to any profit. You’ve to find land in an area that’s likely to grow, because growth will be associated with an increase in land’s price. Even if you aren’t planning to resell it immediately, it’s comforting to know that you can generate an impressive profit from selling the cheap land for sale in Texas that you invest in.

Stick to proven markets, instead of investing in some cheap land in an area that’s hardly known. It doesn’t make much sense to purchase a piece of land in the countryside, where you know a lot of water will pass under the bridge before the area ever grows. Instead, buy land in an area that’s already developed or has a spark for growth, before that golden opportunity is seized by other people. But, if your intentions are to buy a piece of land out in the country to set up your home, then there are absolutely no limitations.

When buying cheap land for sale, keep in mind that the seller will have a sales objective already, and will try very hard to persuade you into purchasing the piece of land. But take some time and think hard about the buying decision. If any doubts arise, never ignore them. In any case, you can always look for land to buy somewhere else.

To find some of the best land for sale in Texas check out

Real Estate

Ways to Find a Good Wedding Videographer In Columbia SC

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The web is likely the best approach to locating a decent wedding Videographer In Columbia SC. Utilizing popular search engines you can enter key search queries that will show videographers in the geographic region you are interested in. When you are on the site of a Columbia videographer, you will be able to view the sample video clips. Often these clips are very lengthy in duration; so you may need to skip through the features and look at the content’s quality. Keep in mind that large portions of these video clips are actually streaming from the compressed version of the original video. Therefore, the original video ought to be of better quality. The principle idea is to look for the quality of the wedding Columbia videography. Also on the website you will be capable of finding out much more regarding the videographer Columbia below an “about us” page. This is an excellent way to become familiar with a wedding Columbia SC videographer prior to contacting him to plan his Columbia SC videography services. The advantage of the internet is that you can easily visit many wedding video websites in a really short period of time.

Another method to find a good Videographer Columbia SC would be to check out a few local wedding providers. Most often, wedding vendors who provide videography Columbia services will have a package of some other vendors whom they highly recommend. They generally get it done as a videography Columbia SC service to their customers and may not even be earning financially from these types of packets. A number of these suppliers have met any wedding videographer in Columbia SC or worked with quite a few videographers. They can be a great source to inquire because they will recommend a Columbia SC videographer from their firsthand experience.

Question your photographer. Often photographers may have a Videographer Columbia SC whom they are going to suggest. The 2 wedding services are actually tied together in lots of ways. The videographer will continue to work closely with the wedding photographer throughout the wedding day; therefore, they generally get acquainted with each other reasonably well. Furthermore, a professional photographer should be able to recognize an excellent videographer much better than most other individuals. Even though you obtain a recommendation you must still go to the videographer’s site and check out their sample video clips on videography in Columbia SC.


Marriage facilities or accommodations often host weddings a number of times per week. They possess many videographers who have come through their service. They generally gain interactions with the finest Columbia SC videographer and may offer package deals such as the wedding videographer along with other videos. Furthermore, in case the wedding facility is suggesting a videographer, you could be guaranteed that the videographer knows the facility because he has possibly shot video there before.

These include some of the most effective ways to find a better videographer. Whatever be the way you choose to look for a videographer, ensure that you watch their sample video clips. This can provide you with a clear concept of what you should expect in a video. Several wedding videographers will not post their costs on the internet. Rates can be seasonal and might adjust for different days in a week. The simplest way would be to ask the videographer to deliver you their present price sheets and they’ll be happy to oblige. As soon as you find the appropriate Columbia SC videographer, the remainder is up to you.


Pokemon Get Married!

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And when we do here are some of the things we think about!

A wedding is the most special time of your life and thus the reason why you should never skimp on wedding photography. The photos are the only reminder of this big day as there is no re-shoot of the event. Clients are emotionally invested in the outcome of the photos. Myrtle Beach Wedding Photography is the most stressful and high pressure photography genre.

Myrtle Beach is a perfect place for traditional and photojournalist style photography. A high end photo gear is very important in taking hundreds of consistently good images in very difficult conditions. They help capture a clean, clear and crisp high quality images.


The following Myrtle Beach wedding photography tips;

  • Proper communication

Communicating with the couples on what they expect from the photography is very important. The couple needs to know what you deliver and you also need to know what to expect from them. This should start before the ceremony.

  • Scout the location

Scout the location at the same time frame the wedding will take place before photographing. Take tests from where you expect to be shooting on the wedding day. Practicing early will help you spot potential problems and design solutions before they become a very big issue.

  • Have a shot list

The shot list is a lifeline for Myrtle Beach wedding photography. The list ensures that you do not forget anything during the big day. Customize the list according to what the couples want. Going over the list ahead of time makes the wedding photos more successful.

  • Have multiple batteries, cameras and cards

This helps minimize the risk of equipment failure during the big day. Using several equipment’s reduces the risk of all of them failing at once. Have backup of everything on your hand.

  • Use an assistant

Use an assistant photographer if possible. This can be very helpful for many reasons. It helps you not miss important shots, they help to pose everyone for group shots and if your assistant is opposite gender, it is easier to take getting ready photos without the parties being uncomfortable.


Always have the basics entrenched in your mind before starting the photo session. This is not the time to brush or learn on your basic skills.


Doing SEO in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

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And now a word from our sponsors!

Myrtle Beach SEO is the science/art of increasing traffic to a website in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina by helping it rank higher in organic (non-paid) search results. There are many facets to South Carolina SEO or doing SEO in South Carolina,from the specialized content in your website or page to how connected your site is to others or your relationship to other top ranking sites. Sometimes SEO is a simple matter of ensuring your web page is constructed in such a way that the search engines understand.

Website traffic in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Columbia or any other city in South Carolina is majorly done through the primary search engines like Google or Bing who redirect users to the relevant top ranking sites in their database after a search. Social media sites can also drive visitors to your site although they constitute a very small percentage of traffic compared to search engines.

Search engines are special in that they drive targeted traffic i.e. Myrtle Beach SEO targets visitors searching for whatever you offer in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. If search engines cannot find your site, or put your content in the search engine database you tend to miss out on profitable opportunities to drive traffic to your site.


Search engines want to give the user the best results possible i.e. relevant, most specialized and top quality  web pages that will satisfy the needs of the searcher. To do this, the search engines consider more than 200 factors to ascertain a website’s relevance to a search request. Some of these factors are entwined into the fabric of the website, that is, the website content. Others are just trust signals based on links from reputable websites in Myrtle Beach and (in a few cases) social media engagement.

To do Myrtle Beach SEO, optimize your website content and tailor it to for the search engines, this means choosing the right keywords for SEO relevance. You must also do Competitive Research i.e. you must know who your SEO competition is in Myrtle Beach. You must know the top ranked websites by Keywords in your area of a specialization. You must also know when and how to submit your website to search engines.

Pokemon Need Money

Pokemon Need Money

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Time to get serious for a moment. I need to pay the bills just like anyone else and so does my trainer so I brought him on to talk about raking in the money!



“Are you looking for forex trading system reviews? If so then you’re going to find one here. In this article, we’re going to talk about some the best forex trading systems ever to be released. Then we’re going to take the information we have and decide which one is the best, and most profitable, one to use.

The idea behind a forex trading system is that it allows a trader to profit from the forex market without them having to trade manually. This is ideal for most traders because many have day time jobs or other obligations. The money made from the trading system also helps as a side income. So without further ado, here is your forex trading system review.


The Ivybot
The Ivybot is a relatively new system that is taking the Forex world by storm. It is coming standard with some very innovative new features, such as free regular updates. Updating a forex system can be hard to do if you’re not sure how to do it, this is why the Ivybot has fixed this problem. Another standard feature is that it is four systems in one, each separate system is designed to trade a different major currency pair.

The FAP Turbo
The FAP Turbo used to be the king of all forex systems. Pretty much all forex trading system reviews over the web used to list the FAP Turbo as their number one. This was simply because this program was excellent at profiting, and that’s what traders want to see. The reason the FAP Turbo is losing its thunder is because it is not receiving regular updates.

After using both of these forex trading systems personally, I would have to put my money on the Ivybot. This is not due to the Ivybot being newer or having more features. I have made more money with the Ivybot in the past few months than the FAP Turbo.”

Pokemon Need Money

Pokemon Like Movies!

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Star Wars

Just because I am an important Pokemon warrior that likes to keep busy doesn’t mean that I don’t have any hobbies or like to enjoy myself from time to time! Heck I am even a bit of a nerd and one of my favorite series of movies is Star Wars!

Star Wars is so awesome and I think I would be a great Jedi master if it was real! If you think about it Yoda is a lot like a Pokemon. He has special powers like moving stuff with his mind and sensing people’s thoughts and emotions, and he is a great warrior who only fights when he has to… and let’s not forget his awesome light saber!

Unfortunately the bad guys are kinda like some of the bad Pokemon too. That evil Emperor Palpatine shoots lightning out of his hands and manipulates people just like the bad Pokemon do 


But I know it isn’t real so I just pretend. I love to decorate my pokemon bedroom with all kinds of Star Wars memorabilia like toys, pictures, games, and Star Wars Cardboard Cutouts!

I have Star Wars cardboard cutouts from all of my favorite Star Wars characters like Darth Maul, Yoda, Han Solo… and Princess Leia in the gold bikini! I keep buying more of them every time I get my pokemon paycheck and you can get them all over the place like

I am super excited about the new movie coming out later this year Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens and by that time I am going to have all of the coolest Star Wars stuff I can find! I am also going to go see the movie opening night with my trainer so no one spoils it for me. It is going to be so much that I cannot wait! May The Force Be With You!



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Pokemon Need To Eat Healthy

As a Pokémon we get hungry just like everyone else! Fighting in the arena, or just being ready to go whenever our trainer calls on us takes a lot of energy and we won’t be able to perform if we are just binging on junk food!

Sure I would love to sit around eating Pokeburgers and fries like everyone else… but I want to be the best! I also don’t want to spend all of my spare time cooking because I want to get back to training to be the best Pokemon I can possibly be! That’s why I found a raw food diet.


A raw food diet works perfectly for me because it means I don’t have to cook, and I get all of the vitamins and nutrients that I could ever possibly need from all the yummy fruits and vegetables that I eat so I am but strong and alert and ready to go whenever my trainer calls on me!

Now you are probably thinking that none of this tastes very good, heck that is what I thought too! But after doing some reading on the Pokeweb I found that the best raw food recipes actually are easy to prepare and taste really yummy too!

Don’t take my word for it there is a lot of information out there for Pokemon who want to be healthy and have a raw food diet. Check out to find a whole bunch of great raw food recipes that will have yo winning battles in the arena in no time and will help you be a skinny, happy, and healthy pokemon that lives a really long pokemon life.

What are you waiting for? Go find some recipes and head over to your local Trader Joe’s and get started on your raw food diet today!


I Wanna Be The Champion!

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Pokemon Life: Wrestling

If you want to be a good fighter in the Pokemon arena you are going to have to find someone to learn some strong fighting skills from! There have been some awesome examples throughout history for us to follow: Generals, Warriors, Knights, Ninjas, and especially Famous Wrestlers!

Wrestlers are the toughest guys around and can handle just about every situation you can think of with their fighting skills and athleticism! I have been watching different Famous Wrestlers since I was a young Pokemon so I could learn as much as I possibly could and take my rightful place as a champion in the Pokemon arena.


Watching famous wrestlers like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Sting, and Hulk Hogan is where I learned some of the most powerful moves out there and is why I am the best pokemon in the entire world!

If you think about it wrestlers and pokemon are a lot alike. We are both proud warriors doing our best to capture the title and be the champion while being the absolute best at what we do. Lots of wrestlers have managers or valets that come out with them and give them guidance and help them win their matches just like how pokemon have trainers who call them when they need them and send them into battle to represent them!

If I were a human I think I would want to be a wrestler so I could be on TV every day taking on the toughest opponents in the world and become the undisputed champion like Brock Lesnar is! Maybe someday I will become the very first pokemon to work in the WWE and go on to beat Brock Lesnar or whoever is the world heavyweight champion then and defend my title against everyone, pokemon and human throughout the world!


Gotta Be Alert To Catch ‘Em All!

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Pokemon Life – Be Alert!

Being a Pokemon sure can be hard sometimes! We have to be strong, fast, smart, and alert at all times if we are going to take care of our trainer! This is a lot of work and it is really important so we have to stay in shape physically and mentally so we have to train and eat the right diet but sometimes that isn’t even enough to keep us in the best possible shape so we need to take some natural supplements as well so we can really perform our best.

One thing that gives me an advantage is taking nootropic supplements. What are nootropics you ask? They are a natural supplement that people and Pokemon can both use to stimulate their memory, their concentration, and their mental focus. This gives us an all-natural legal advantage over the bad guys and lets us be there for our trainers!

The problem is that there are a lot of nootropics out there and I didn’t know which one was the best for this Pokemon. I did some research in Google For Pokemon and I read an Alpha Brain review at and I knew right away that I had found the right nootropic for me!


I started supplementing with it right away and boy let me tell you did I notice a difference. My special powers were doing more damage, and I was able to concentrate in the arena for a lot longer than I had been able to before! My trainer was very pleased with me and started choosing me over the other pokemon in his collection more and more often!

Thanks to Alpha Brain my trainer and I have been getting a lot closer to catching them all and we have been doing great in the arena! If you are a pokemon who wants to have the best possible performance for your trainer, or if you are a trainer and you want to get the absolute best out of your pokemon I highly suggest that you give alpha Brain a try you will start dominating the pokemon arena in absolutely no time!